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Annual Business Plan and Comprehensive Budget Management" Senior Team Train
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“ 洁王科技,服务全球纺织品企业

DJW teamed up with Shenzhen Sibo to hold a special training camp for middle and senior managers, which improved staff's knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitudes and work values, thus maximizing their potential.Thereby exerting the greatest potential to improve the performance of individuals and organizations, promote the continuous progress of organizations and individuals, and achieve the dual development of organizations and individuals.


Mr.Han Jianjing, Chairman of the company, at the training site


The significance of this training camp is to make the skills of staffes from single skills to multiple skills, adapt to the changing needs of customers and the needs of organizational development, use specialized training to develop middle and high-level budget management, and cultivate awareness of middle and high-level business planning. Improve the adaptability and flexibility of middle and high level, and grow employees and organizations.







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